Settled in Hangzhou Electronic Commerce Industry Park

13 E-commerce industry parks built by China (Hangzhou) Cross-border E-commerce Comprehensive Pilot Area are distributed over the main areas of Hangzhou. Welcome to settle in and enjoy relevant preferential policies.

1 General process of settling (subject to the policies of each park)

Business Talk

Have a business talk with the management committee on the business situation to confirm the cooperation intention (Office work place and storage method need to be confirmed in this step.).

Submit Application

Submit both Enterprise Development Planning and Checklist of commodities to the management committee for a better understanding of the business model, products, achievements, payment mode and logistics mode.

Enterprise Registration

Register in the industry parks and apply for relevant documents.

Submit Fillings

Submit the application report of settling to Customs. Copies of legal person’s ID card and business license should be included with official seals.

Data Connection

Put on records and connect data with Hangzhou Customs, Commodity Inspection Bureau, and E-port.

① System technical connect with the single platform to gain the login account;

② Log in the single platform to complete the records of enterprise, imported products, and goods information;

③ Business can only start with the approvals of enterprise record and goods record by both Customs and Commodity Inspection Bureau;

④ Small orders operation can be tried after the order, payment and logistics information has connected to the single platform and got the approvals from Customs.

2 Information of Each Parks

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